Microsoft just made the best Santa-tracking system to date

When I was a little girl on Christmas Eve, I’d squint up at the sky in an attempt to see Santa’s sleigh. “Where’s Santa now?” I’d ask my father, who worked as an astrophysicist for NASA. I assumed his knowledge of the solar system meant he could pinpoint Santa’s location to the exact degree.

My father would shrug. “I don’t know,” he’d reply. “Want some hot cocoa?”

My search for Santa was easily distracted by sweets.

The newest generation of Santa-seekers not lulled by the promise of chocolate are in luck: thanks to Microsoft, there’s a new (and technologically savvy) way to find Santa’s location! By plugging updates into Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana, users can learn even more details on Santa’s location.

“We focus on big cultural moments and building an experience that sparks the imagination,” explained Matthew Quinlan, director of product marketing for Bing. “The holidays, for us, are one of those great natural moments that bring people together and fuel this sense of wonder. And at no time is that more important than this time of year, with children and families coming together.”

To find Santa using Cortana, just pull up the voice-based assistant any time before Christmas, and ask. That’s it! Each time you do, you’ll get a different response. During the countdown to Christmas Eve, for example, Cortana revealed that Santa was hitting the North Pole barber for a beard trim, trimming reindeer hooves, and making cocoa with tiny marshmallows for the elves. How nice of him! But once Christmas Eve arrived, Cortana started to reveal the cities Santa flew over, adding for some additional education trivia about the geography.

Whether you’re naughty or nice, users with Windows 10 devices can also track the sleigh on Windows Maps. All you need to do is load the NORAD website using the Microsoft Edge browser! From there, you can use your computer to color in a winter maze, Christmas tree, and other holiday-themed drawings — a great way to keep alert while staying up late to try and catch old Saint Nick sliding down the chimney. I just hope you have cookies and a glass of milk ready to offer him! (And maybe some reindeer treats for Rudolph and his gang.)

In the spirit of giving this holiday season, Microsoft has made Cortana is available on both iOS and Android, so anyone, regardless of their smartphone, can track Santa. And there’s always the official Santa-tracker website (my personal favorite). Of course, if you’re like me, you’ll be fast asleep under a bundle of blankets before Santa even hits your timezone!

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