Mickey Mouse is turning 89, and we’ve got a sneak peek at Disney Channel’s birthday celebration for him

Your favorite animated mouse is about to celebrate a pretty *major* birthday and he wants to celebrate it with you.

Mickey Mouse — the animated mouse who may just be more iconic than Walt Disney himself — turns 89 years-old on November 18th and to celebrate, Disney Channel is premiering a brand new Mickey birthday short. While the short, “The Birthday Song” may be all about about Mickey, it’s actually from the perspective of Minnie Mouse, his one true love.

In the short, “The Birthday Song” Minnie Mouse plans to serenade the birthday mouse with a spectacular original song, but runs into trouble when the notes literally escape the page. Naturally Minnie must do everything she can to find the notes so she can save Mickey’s birthday party and give him the birthday gift of his dreams!

HelloGiggles has an exclusive clip from the adorable short, and we certainly hope Minnie is able to save the day!


While we find Minnie’s quest to find the perfectly unique present for Mickey totally relatable, the short’s executive producer, Paul Rudish, revealed that Minnie’s journey during the short was very relatable to the crew’s mission to create the perfect birthday short.

"One of the fun aspects of making 'The Birthday Song' was being able to tell a story about Mickey’s birthday from another character’s point of view, specifically Minnie Mouse," he explains. "Her struggles and delight to create something unique and special for Mickey, his very own birthday song, often mirrored our crew’s journey while making the short. From the quest to write a new, bouncy birthday song to navigating the comic calamity of musical notes rampaging through a party, we strived to express our own feelings of warmth and joy for Mickey and give him the ultimate birthday present."

“The Birthday Song” will premiere on November 18th on Disney Channel!

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