Mickey and Gus are together again in the first trailer for Season 2 of “Love”

If you’re feelin’ like you need a little more luv in your life, you’ll be happy to hear that Netflix’s Love will be returning for Season 2  in a little over a month. In case you don’t reflexively binge watch every single show that Netflix adds like we do, Love follows troubled Mickey, aka Gillian Jacobs from Community, and Gus as they — here’s a twist — fall in love. It’s the most recent rendition of the hipster LA love story trend that You’re the Worst began and it comes from the mind of Judd Apatow, brain behind faves like Knocked Up and Superbad.

If you haven’t seen it, or have and are super keen to see what’s up for season two, there’s a trailer! And it looks like Mickey and Gus are still a ~thing~.


Like most of Judd Apatow’s work, Love is a romance between a complex, interesting, and super attractive woman and a mediocre white guy of below average attractiveness and subpar talent. The first season follows their progression from strangers to friends to lovers and back again, and it looks like the second season will show us the development of their relationship now that it seems like they’ve worked out most of their issues. But if we know anything, we know romcoms, so we’re sure there’s some drama in Mickey and Gus’s futures.

Maybe the drama will be about Gus learning not to take advantage of Mickey by hitting on her when she’s trying to open up to him about her mental health problems! Who knows. Whatever lays ahead, we’re looking forward to it!

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