Michelle Williams shares her favorite part about being a parent, and awwww for the rest of our lives

It’s no secret that we absolutely adore Michelle Williams and daughter Matilda. And Williams shared her favorite part about motherhood in a recent interview, leaving our hearts melted on the floor.

It’s not exactly what you’d expect — like reading to her daughter, or picking her up from school each day, but something way, way more simple.

"Just hearing that word Mama," she said.

Okay, that’s kind of the sweetest thing we’ve ever heard and actually makes our hearts ache a little.

We can’t imagine a simpler, more perfect response. Matilda is so lucky to have a devoted mom who somehow juggles films and friends and traveling and motherhood all in one neat little bundle.


And even though she’s admitted that motherhood is exhausting, Williams has always made it clear that parenting comes first, and that work will always be arranged — and if needed, rearranged — around her daughter.

Also, we’re hoping the rumor that she might be playing Janis Joplin is true, because Williams is an incredibly talented actress who literally dazzles us in everything she does.


H/T People