Michelle Williams says she had suicidal thoughts while in Destiny’s Child

Sometimes when depression hits, we feel alone with our thoughts. That’s why it’s important when celebrities open up about mental health. Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child admitted she had suicidal thoughts when she was in the band, and while it’s a scary and serious subject, we’re glad she’s talking about it — and that she’s in a much healthier place today.

Williams opened up during an episode of The Talk and said that she was confused about why she felt the way she did.

"I’m in one of the top-selling female groups of all time, suffering with depression," she said.

She said she spoke to her manager (and father of Beyoncé) Mathew Knowles about how she was feeling, but at the time, he didn’t know how complex depression can often be. He thought she was just feeling sad.


Still, Williams doesn’t hold it against him, saying that she thinks he just wanted her to feel grateful for the success she had with Destiny’s Child — which she was. Williams noted that at the time, she thought it was just growing pains. She was only able to fully identify her feelings as a mental health issue when she was in her thirties.

"I was suicidal," Williams said. "I was to that place where it got so dark and heavy."

The singer decided to reveal her struggle after being inspired by Demi Lovato, who recently spoke freely about her personal battles with addiction, depression, and an eating disorder.

Williams thinks that talking about it openly will only normalize the struggles that many of us face with mental health.

While it’s upsetting that she had to bear such a weight in silence, we’re so glad she’s feeling better now. If you’re suffering from suicidal thoughts, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.