Michelle Williams’ pre-Coachella diet was mostly Honey Buns, and sign us up

There’s no denying celebs experience pressure to maintain a certain physical appearance — not just for the sake of vanity, but to pull off killer performances, too. Beyoncé is a perfect example of this. The singer/slayer adopted a vegan diet while gearing up for her show-stopping two-hour Coachella performance, since she knows it helps her keep her energy up while she’s on stage killing it. While Bey went full-on vegan, her Destiny’s Child bandmate, Michelle Williams, had a bit of a different diet.

And by “different,” we mean she went all in on a diet we can get behind. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, the newly engaged singer revealed that her diet consisted primarily of Honey Buns. No, honey buns isn’t a new name for a fad diet. She’s legit talking about the sugary, glazed snack we ate and enjoyed as kids.

She told Cosmo, “I just ate all the Honey Buns in the world…just making sure I was getting the correct intake of calories.

Um, if Honey Buns give you those abs, sign us up.

The petite singer went on to say that while some people focus on losing weight, she’s all about those gains.

"I’m not doing anything on purpose to be slim. I literally have to have a certain amount of calories to maintain a healthy weight," she said.

And this Honey Bun “diet” wasn’t just for the sake of Coachella. Williams previously shared with Shape that she doesn’t really follow any diet, and she generally has a more laid-back approach to fitness.

“I don’t have a diet. I have friends who deprive themselves of certain carbs and even fruit…I don’t do that,” she said. And though Williams admits she loves to exercise and keep fit, she sticks to 30-minute workouts.


“I don’t like to stay in the gym long. I crack up at people who be like, ‘I was at the gym from 10 to 2pm.’ Doing what?” Yes, she just become our gym and fitness role model.

Whatever Williams is eating, it’s clearly doing her body wonders. She looks amazing.

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