This is how Michelle Williams’ daughter feels about Kevin Spacey getting fired from “All the Money in the World”

The Golden Globe nomination Christopher Plummer earned for All the Money in the World further proves that filmmakers made the right call removing Kevin Spacey from the film and recasting him. And now, the decision just got a thumbs up from another important authority: Michelle Williams’ 12-year-old daughter.

Williams revealed when she told Matilda, her daughter with the late Heath Ledger, that she’d have to reshoot the movie, Matilda was incredibly supportive — and actually pretty wise. Instead of being bummed out that her mom had to go back to work, Matilda encouraged her efforts.

And simply because it was the right thing to do.

"She so generously and excitedly said, 'I want you to go do it, you worked so hard on that movie, and don’t let a bad man take it away from all you guys," Michelle Williams explained at a recent press junket. "Go get 'em.'"

The actress added, "She won’t stand for [harassment]. She’s fucking amazing. I have so much faith in her generation. Who knows what she’s gonna be, she’s gonna be her own bad self."

ICYMI: That “bad man,” Spacey, was dropped from All the Money in the World in the wake of a number of sexual misconduct allegations that went public just six weeks before the movie was set to hit theaters.

Instead of canceling the release, director Ridley Scott and the rest of the creative team reshot Spacey’s entire role, with Plummer stepping in — a surprise decision that’s proven to be the right one, both because it was the appropriate thing to do and because Plummer clearly embraced the part of billionaire J. Paul Getty on such short notice.

Michelle Williams, meanwhile, plays Gail — a mother fighting to convince her son’s billionaire grandfather, Getty, to pay ransom after her 16-year-old is kidnapped. The role of a determined mom like this isn’t a stretch for the actress — she’s been open about how tough raising Matilda without her dad has been (Ledger died in 2008), and about what an inspiring young woman her little girl is growing up to be. From Matilda’s response to Spacey’s firing alone, we believe her.