Michelle Willams looks like a golden pixie queen in this glamorous gown

Recently, Michelle Willams attended the 32nd Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and, OMG, she looked so, so glam, but in the artsiest way possible. Her soft, pixie queen look was entirely 2017 between the ~scandalous~ cutouts, unique hem, and the fact that it’s adding to the yellow dress trend that’s been going nonstop since last year.

Plus, we adored her minimalist approach to both makeup and accessories. As a result, it was allll about the gown, and, like, we get it: When you have a gown as gorgeous as this one, you really don’t have to bother with anything else!

Seriously, how stunning does Michelle Williams look in this KILLER gown? Absolutely beautiful, right? Yellow can be hard to pull off, but this lovely lady rocked it like no other.


Also, can we just talk about the straps on this dress for a hot sec? We’ve never seen anything quite like this before, and we’re digging it. It looks like two bronze ropes are being used in place of straps, and it’s decidedly artsy AF.


Now this is one fashion experiment we feel like we could definitely DIY. Who’s with us?!

Too, we’re so, so in love with her light, wispy bangs. And her makeup! It’s so light and delicate, with just a little bit of color on her cheeks and lips.


She’s making even us want to take a break (though a short one!) from contouring and see if we can pull of this super light touch. What a total stunner!