Michelle Tanner will still have a presence on ‘Fuller House’

When Fuller House arrives on Netflix in 2016, the whole Tanner family will be back. Well, the whole Tanner family, minus one. Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen will not be returning to reprise their role as the littlest Tanner, Michelle. However, that doesn’t mean Michelle’s being written out of the entire Full House/Fuller House timeline. She’ll still be there, just only in spirit.

Jodie Sweetin, who will reprise her role as middle-child Stephanie, explained to Us Weekly that, “The Michelle character is still going to have a presence. It’s not like we’re not talking about her. I love and support [Mary-Kate and Ashley], and I think we’re going to be just fine.”

What does this “presence” mean? Though we won’t see Michelle, she’ll still come up in conversation, but her story will be taking place far away from San Francisco. This also means we can start getting excited for whatever new storyline has been created for her. What is she doing? What has she been up to for all these years? Is she now terrified of horseback riding, because I would be terrified of horseback riding if I were her.

Her Fuller House “presence” also means that if they want — and we really, really want — the Olsen twins could return and resume their role later on down the road. There’s been a little bit of drama surrounding them and Fuller House, first claiming that they didn’t know about the reboot, which made Uncle Jesse quote Uncle Joey and go all CUT. IT. OUT. Eventually, it was explained that they wouldn’t be involved in Full House 2.0, as they’re perusing “their fashion brands and various business endeavors.” I like to imagine Michelle is doing the same exact thing. Michelle as a fashion designer? I dig it.

Fuller House needs to go ahead and designate someone new to say Michelle’s “dude” line every episode. Production on the new show starts in July, and our eyes will be able to see it on Netflix in early 2016.

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