Michelle Obama’s Viral “VOTE” Necklace Is by a Black-Owned Brand

You can buy the same one.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama helped kick off the Democratic National Convention by issuing an impassioned speech to all Americans, urging them to vote in this year’s upcoming presidential election. While her speech both moved and inspired us, it was certainly accented by the truly fitting piece of jewelry she wore to address the American public—a necklace that spelled the word “VOTE” in gold charm letters.

Obama’s “VOTE” necklace immediately caught the attention of viewers, who quickly took to search engines and social media trying to find out the details on the delicate gold jewelry. It seems like her “VOTE” necklace was custom made for the former First Lady by ByChari, a Black-owned jewelry brand that specializes in minimalist, classic designs. And while the “VOTE” necklace was commissioned specifically for Obama, you can customize your own matching necklace, and it’ll arrive with enough time for you to proudly sport it ahead of Election Day on Tuesday, November 3rd.

Here’s how to shop Obama’s VOTE necklace by ByChari:

Snag ByChari’s original spaced letter necklace online, with prices beginning at $315. It comes in yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold, and you can choose your chain length and phrase or words up to 10 letters. You can even add a diamond for an extra $50.

ByChari’s website notes that orders will take three to four weeks to produce, but you’ll still have yours in time for Election Day.

Naturally, the necklace caused a stir online Obama gave her speech, with one data analytics expert from Google sharing the search stats on Twitter in real time. It even became the top trending search in the United States during the last hour of the opening night of the DNC.

Clearly, we’re not the only ones losing all chill over Obama’s necklace. If you want to grab yours, we’d suggest clicking “add to cart” pronto because when it’s this viral, it’ll likely sell out. But, most importantly, heed Obama’s advice and cast your vote this year. It’s more important than ever to have your voice heard at the polls to help facilitate much-needed positive change.

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