Michelle Obama responded to one of the many people begging her to run for president

The internet really, really wants Michelle Obama to run for president. 

Shortly after Donald Trump’s presidential win, #Michelle2020 trended on Twitter as citizens turned their eyes toward the next presidential race.

Michelle Obama has addressed the question of running for president in the past, and the answer has always been, firmly, no.


“No, no, not going to do it,” she said at SXSW back in March. She cited her daughters as her reasons not to run, not wanting the national spotlight to stay on them any longer.  “There are so many ways to impact the world and you don’t have to be president of the United States to do them,” she said.

It seems she's still not entertaining the idea. While speaking Monday at the White House to address Veterans' homelessness, someone in the audience yelled "run for president!"

Michelle's response? A laugh, a finger-wiggle, and a playful "You be quiet back there!"

C’mon, Michelle! Pretty please?

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