Michelle Obama mixes fashion with philanthropy with this new tote bag collection, and we want them all

Throughout her time in the spotlight, Michelle Obama has made it obvious that she can do absolutely anything she sets her mind to. And not only is she an incredible role model for being so personable and intelligent, but she’s super fashionable as well. So, it goes without saying that it was a smart move for her to pair up with InStyle to sell a few gorgeous tote bags — with the profits going to an amazing cause.

Our fave FLOTUS is actually the cover girl for InStyle‘s fall issue, and to celebrate such an honor, she decided to help create a few limited-edition bags. Not only did Michelle pick the designers that she wanted to work with, but she helped choose a great place for all of the proceeds to go — the Peace Corps Let Girls Learn Fund. This program helps young women across the globe get the education they need to succeed. Michelle has actually been working with the fund since 2015, so it’s dear to her heart.


The fund is geared towards helping the 62 million girls who currently aren’t in school.

"That doesn't just limit their prospects... it limits the prospects of their families and their countries as well," Michelle said about the educational setback that many women face.

Each chosen designer picked one of the countries that Let Girls Learn is working with, and created a design inspired by it. For example, Carolina Herrera chose Peru, and incorporated flowers and the outline of the country on her bag. Out of the seven bags available, Herrera’s is the only one that’s a carryall, instead of a tote.


Meanwhile, designer Jason Wu chose Senegal, and made his bag bold and colorful.


Another winner? This cute Diane von Furstenberg tote, which represents Moldova.


All seven bags are currently available for preorder, and they’re set to ship out on October 14th. Bags range between $52 and $64 dollars, which is a small price to pay to help get our fellow women the education they deserve. Who knew that supporting such a good cause could be so fashionable?

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