Michelle Obama did the #MannequinChallenge at The White House with the Cleveland Cavs and obviously, it was everything

If it isn’t already painfully obvious by now, FLOTUS is our imaginary BFF. She’s fab and flawless, but the only bone we have to pick is that Michelle Obama did the #MannequinChallenge at The White House and we weren’t there to join in on the fun! Fortunately, Uproxx reports that she was in great company with the NBA championship-winning Cleveland Cavaliers, whose suave, suited-up looks and stellar poses provided an air of sophistication to the non-stop viral videos of #MannequinChallenges that have flooded our timelines.

The first lady’s take on the popular social media fad comes a few days after Hillary Clinton slayed her #MannequinChallenge with an assist from Jon Bon Jovi. Just like the former secretary of state, Obama was the undeniable boss in her mannequin moment.

In the clip that the Cavs shared on their Twitter page, the first lady can be seen in a fab freeze-frame selfie pose with LeBron James, while his teammates surround them with equally eye-catching poses:

And that’s how it’s done.

Next time, give us a call, first lady! We’d totally be down to participate in a #MannequinChallenge sequel.

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