Michelle Obama just gushed over Zendaya in a huge way, and we’re like “YEP!”

While we can’t believe we’re nearing Michelle Obama’s final days in the White House (*sniff* say it ain’t so!), the end of Obama’s term has only meant more time for the First Family and tons of amazing press opportunities! Honestly, it seems like the Obamas are making the most of their last few months at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But, with all the fun, comes great responsibility.

Recently, YouTuber Lilly Singh interviewed Michelle to promote the #ReachHigher Initiative.

The #ReachHigher Initiative is Michelle Obama’s effort to inspire every student in America to take charge of their future by completing their education past high school.

But Singh, who also goes by iiSuperwomanii, talked with Michelle about much more.

Lilly brought up her own #GIRLOVE initiative, which is her own effort to bring women together. To bring awareness to this movement, Lilly initiated the “Compliment Quickfire” game with Michelle. The rules were simple – Lilly held up a photo of a woman Michelle knows, and she asked Michelle to give a genuine compliment.

Then, Lilly held up a pic of singer, actor, and activist, Zendaya 

Michelle responded with the most beautiful flow of compliments.

And Zendaya was (appropriately) floored.

"As I type this from the floor, as I have just passed out...thank you to my incredible, powerful, radiant First Lady. I hope to make you very proud🙏🏽😊 ," the "Replay" singer gushed back.

The whole video is a delight. Lilly’s channel, and her awesome female-forward videos are definitely worth a watch!


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