Michelle Obama hung out with Muppets to promote Let Girls Learn, and it’s so adorable

Yesterday was the International Day of the Girl, and we all took a moment to appreciate and support girls around the world. As we have discussed before, one of First Lady Michelle Obama’s major programs is Let Girls Learn, which supports education for girls and women around the world. Michelle didn’t surprise us yesterday by doing something to promote Let Girls Learn on this super important day, but she did surprise us with the company she brought in.

Michelle Obama took to Social Media with some Muppets to promote her Let Girls Learn initiative, and it was so sweet.

Michelle spoke on behalf of girls with Rosita from Sesame Street. She also spoke with Zari, an Afghan Muppet featured on Baghch-e Simsim, Afghanistan’s version of Sesame Street.

Michelle talks to the young Muppets, who are both female, about their love of learning. They both love math and science, as well as history and reading. Both of these adorable Muppets enjoy school, but Michelle tells them that not all girls get to go to school. The Muppets react adorably distraught by this news, and Michelle explains the most important thing that we can do to help out.

"The best thing we can do is to make sure that all girls can go to school."

Once again, the First Lady emphasizes her powerful and important message for girls’ education, and we are listening.


Michelle also held a “Global Conversation on Girls’ Education,” where she spoke with young, influential voices like actress Yara Shahidi from Blackish.

You can read more about Michelle’s Let Girls Learn initiative and find out how you can help here.

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