Michelle Obama’s dress has hidden words on it — but now we’re in on the secret

Michelle Obama is a serious hero of ours (and the rest of the country’s, let’s be real) – which would explain why we love talking about all the amazing things she does. And while we’re totally here for #askhermore, we definitely need to take a few minutes to talk about the KILLER dress the First Lady wore on The Ellen Show.

PopSugar reported that her dress is by Alessandro Michele for Gucci, and it’s TOTALLY adorable. But it’s also got a secret message!


We love the shape and the colors. The ruffles around the neckline are too cute to stand. As for the map-like pattern, it’s basically a fashion-forward treasure. If we didn’t have a massive #girlcrush on the FLOTUS already, we definitely do now.

The best part, though, is the small words written beneath the locations on the map. Check it out!


Words such as “obedience,” “a great heart,” “tenderness,” and “sensibility” make the dress the perfect thing for Michelle Obama to wear. We definitely think the FLOTUS embodies all these qualities (and plenty more).

Celebrities and other public figures often dress to the nines for talk shows, but we definitely think Michelle Obama’s unique personal style makes this outfit something special! Ugh, and the little heart by her right hand! It’s just too good.

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