Michelle Obama was given a gift and didn’t know what to do with it and we’re like “girl, same”

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a gift, you know it can sometimes be kind of awkward. Don’t get us wrong, it is always a super sweet, and moving gesture for someone to give a gift — for whatever reason! — but if you’re not expecting the gift you can sometimes be left like, “help.”

Think like, when you and your friends agree to NOT exchange presents during the holidays, and then there’s that ONE FRIEND who gets everyone gifts anyway and as she’s passing them out to everyone you’re like “omg no what did I do to end up here.”

We’ve all been there. Now, on national television, Michelle Obama has been there, too.

When newly minted First Lady, Melania Trump, showed up at the White House earlier today, she had a gift for Michelle. Super sweet gesture, right? It even looks as if it’s a Tiffany’s box, and you know good things come in Blue Tiffany boxes.


Thing is, Michelle perhaps was not expecting this to happen, and didn’t exactly know how to react in the moment. OMG, Michelle, don’t you worry. We have all been there before (and we will probably be there again).

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The moment is iconic, sure. But now we desperately need to know WHAT WAS IN THE BOX? It was a pretty big box, like a shirt box. Nothing says President Inauguration like a shirt from Tiffany’s, you know.