Michelle Obama talks about what really matters with food (and has a totally shocking favorite pizza!)

First Lady Michelle Obama is an inspiration for about a hundred different reasons, one of our faves is definitely her tireless work to promote healthy habits for kids. She’s campaigned to encourage young Americans to exercise and eat their fruits and veggies. She spearheaded efforts through “Let’s Move” that allowed 2 million children to have access to salad bars in school cafeterias. She planted the White House’s very own vegetable garden and inspired the creation of 50 percent more community gardens in Washington, D.C.

(Clearly we could go on forever.)


And while the FLOTUS and POTUS are now in their last official months in office, she still wants to leave the American people with something to, well, chew on. Mrs. Obama recently sat down with PopSugar to give readers a few tips on how best to help American youngsters live a healthy lifestyle – and her advice is simpler than you might think!

According to the First Lady, getting kids hyped to eat healthy has a lot to do with what we portray as exciting or as a treat.

She emphasized that it’s the social aspect of a meal that makes it fun, not necessarily the food itself. For example, happy meals aren’t happy because of the chicken nuggets — Michelle Obama recalls having to prompt her kids to finish the food — but because of the experience.

She said that the important thing for children is “the joy of being with you.

So as novel as it might sound, treat days don’t have to mean drive-thru food. You can instead take your youngster to a more salutary snack spot instead, getting them to associate fun with fruits and veg.

“It could be going to a nice place and getting a salad, the First Lady suggested. “That's where you just have to get creative.

Surprisingly, that doesn’t mean that the First Lady isn’t down for the occasional bit of junk food. Her guilty fave?

Chuck-E-Cheese pizza.


“And that pizza is a little . . . it's not the best pizza, she admitted.

Fortunately, she says, the kids are usually too busy playing to go for the food.

FLOTUS, we salute you for keeping it real… and for helping us to be real healthy!

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