Michelle Obama’s latest project is all about simplifying the college process

First Lady Michelle Obama has made it very clear time and again that education is an issue near and dear to heart. Take, for example, her initiative Let Girls Learn, which aims to raise awareness about the 62 million girls around the world who don’t have access to an education. She has also spoken to large crowds of students directly about the importance of continuing their studies. FLOTUS is committed to preaching the importance of higher education, so it makes total sense that she would create a brand new social media site aimed to help teens exchange information about going to college.

Today, FLOTUS unveiled her new platform as part of her Reach Higher initiative. Entitled Better Make Room, the platform is a space where students aged 14 – 19 can get much-needed info on essential college matters. Take, for example, SATs, ACTs, financial aid forms, and applications. The site reads:

“They can post their goals,” Eric Waldo, the executive director of Reach Higher, told NBC News. “They can share their progress. They can post those funny pictures with the crazy hashtags and this content is going to live right next to some supportive and motivational content created by our celebrity partners using their voices to lift up those students stories. The idea here is we want to make sure this is going to resonate with young people.”

The public awareness campaign is being supported by over 20 media, business, and nonprofit groups, including Vine, Mashable, Funny or Die, and American Eagle Outfitters, according to the White House. “This campaign is at the core of what Vine is about and that’s why we’ve partnered with Reach Higher and “Better Make Room,” Ankur Thakkar, the editorial manager at Vine, told NBC News. “We are excited to outreach to motivate young people and change the cultural conversation around education. We heard the first lady’s call to marshal our resources and platforms to support students reaching higher and that’s why we are proud to be standing with her.”

The platform aims to turn attention to hard-working students in society and highlight their personal journeys. “This campaign will leverage traditional and new media platforms to celebrate student stories in the same way that we often celebrate celebrities and athletes,” the White House said in a release. “With partners in the business, philanthropic, media, and education realm, this campaign will stretch across the country to inspire students and give them the tools they need to reach higher for college.”

But the ultimate goal? To lift up young people while providing the tools necessary to continue their education, no matter the obstacles. “We want to create a space where young people can engage with each other, where they can inspire each other to complete their education beyond high school,” the First Lady told the New York Times. We are excited to check it out.

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