Your fave figure skater from childhood Michelle Kwan is a gorgeous yogi goddess now

Think back to simpler times, when bedtime was blessedly early and you weren’t even grateful. Back when Michelle Kwan was legit everybody’s hero because she was the biggest badass on ice we’d ever seen. Turns out, she’s still killing the game, only now she seems to keep both feet on the ground and uses her magic powers of strength and flexibility to do yoga and looks like an actual goddess while doing it.

We definitely wanted to be Michelle Kwan when we grew up…and now we know that we STILL want to be Michelle Kwan when we grow up because WOW.

Shame to see that Michelle Kwan let herself go after her incredibly decorated figure skating career, like…damn, girl.

Years later, and she (a) looks incredibly fab and (b) still looks like a human assembled by the type of person who throws away directions before attempted to build something.



We just don’t understand how Michelle Kwan doesn’t need a personal assistant to help untangle her body after these yoga sessions, but we guess figure skating prepared her for life as a pretzel.

Don’t worry, though. She may be super into yoga now, but Michelle’s still got it on the ice.

AND she’s still involved with athletics. She works with the Special Olympics organization, alongside fellow star athletes like Yao Ming, who appears to be an entirely different species from Michelle in this Instagram.

We’re super happy to see that Michelle Kwan looks happy and radiant as ever, and we’re def going to be following her Instagram so we can reinstate our childhood dream of being as cool as she is.


Keep on slaying, kween!

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