Michelle and Danny Tanner’s reunion is filling us with all kinds of feels

Michelle Tanner will not be part of Fuller House. *takes deep breath* I repeat, Michelle Tanner will not be part of Fuller House. *takes even deeper breath* ONE MORE TIME, ALL TOGETHER NOW: Michelle Tanner will not be part of Fuller House.

See? We are making progressive as we come to terms with our devastation. At this point, we’ve reached the Acceptance stage of the grieving progress, so we’re like 99.56% there. Luckily, there’s one recent piece of news that’s helping us cope during this difficult time in our lives…

Over the weekend, Michelle and Danny Tanner reunited! Bob Saget has been working on the Broadway play Hand to God and Ashley Olsen wanted to show her support on opening night. (We’re sure that Mary Kate was there in spirit.) That’s why she attended the play, went backstage to pose for pictures with Saget, and made our eyes well up with nostalgia-filled tears.

“Loved having my dear friend Ashley Olsen at my welcoming opening of @HandToGodBway last night,” Saget writes on Instagram. In other words: there is no bad blood between the TV dad and daughter duo, which totally makes up for the fact that Michelle will be MIA during the sequel.

Another work of art that’s helping us cope with our grief: an adorable Dubsmash video featuring John Stamos and his TV wife Lori Loughlin:

So, are we excited for Fuller House to premiere on Netflix? Answer: you got it, dude!

[Images via Warner Bros., Twitter]

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