Michelle Branch is releasing her first full solo album in 14 years, and it feels like 2003 all over again

If you were a teen or tween in the early ’00s, there’s no denying that alt-queen Michelle Branch spoke right to your soul. Her moody, acoustic guitar solos and raw lyrics were, quite frankly, everything to us. And finally, after a whopping 14 years, Michelle Branch is back with a new album.

OH. EM. GEE. Break out your low-rise flare jeans because it’s 2003 again. Branch first came into our lives with the release of her first album, The Spirit Room, which recently celebrated its 15-year anniversary. Her second album, Hotel Paper, was equally well-known for being the soundtrack to our first crushes and heartbreaks.

Branch hasn’t entirely been out of the spotlight in the past 14 years, though. She has released a few EPs here and there and also branched out (sorry, had to) into country music as part of the band The Wreckers in the mid-2000s.

Branch’s new album, Hopeless Romantic, will hopefully include all those personal touches that know how to get us right in the feels. It’s slated to be released on April 7th, and is co-written by new beau, Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney.

She recently told Entertainment Weekly about working with Carney, saying, “Patrick was like, ‘This is your record, it has to sound like you.’ It was the first time that someone pushed me to figure it all out on my own.”

According to EW, her sound will be “laid back rock and roll,” which sounds pretty bomb to us. And, as always, Branch isn’t afraid to get personal. “The lust, the love, the heartbreak,” she says. “It’s all there.”

We’re so happy to have her back.