Michelle and Barack Obama tried to do the “Thriller” dance, and it’s impossibly adorable

So it was Halloween last night, which means the White House hosted its annual Halloween bash for local kids and parents (p.s. — how cool is that?).

And Entertainment Weekly let us know that the Obamas attempted the “Thriller” dance during the festivities, reinforcing the idea that they’re the coolest people to ever take the oval office.

Now we’ve seen the President dance to “HotlineBling” and Michelle Obama dance with Ellen, but the two of them together, dancing on Halloween at the White House? We can’t get enough! And also, we’re SUPER SAD that this is their last Halloween in office, because they’ve had a great run of fun. Ready to witness this?


It’s adorable how the President smiled all the way through (and definitely had Michelle take the lead).

They really are the cutest couple, and this event was a testament to their generosity — because they invited thousands of costumed kids to party at the White House and eat delicious candy. Yup, these guys are the best!

One thing we did notice though…they weren’t in costume themselves! We’ll let it slide this time, since they hosted such an awesome event. But the costume police definitely took notice.

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