We’re happy Michael is safe but now can somebody PLEASE worry more about Rafael

Okay, so here’s the thing. Michael is a beautiful ray of human sunshine and deserves all the nice things in the world including that cat he’s dreaming of, and we’re THRILLED he’s safe. Jane is also a perfect angel, along with every other woman on Jane the Virgin (yes, even Petra — but no, not her mother) and we love them all a bit too much.But we seriously need to take a break from the Jane and Michael show to talk about Rafael, because he has what is hands down the WORST life on the planet, and he handles all of the terrible things hurled at him like a prince. AND HE GETS NOTHING FOR IT.

So now that Michael and Jane are safe, can we start a petition to #hugRafael? Or SOMETHING?


Let’s lay this out: completely outside of his knowledge or control, his addict SISTER artificially inseminated a stranger. Not at ALL to discount the incredible trauma this was to Jane, Rafael was also violated by this. And his reaction is to financially and emotionally support Jane and the baby. Then he basically spends his time doing what’s best for Jane even though he loves her and it means she marries Michael.


And THEN his somewhat insane ex-wife (who was sleeping with his BEST FRIEND) artificially inseminates herself and so Rafael AGAIN, by no fault of his own, becomes a father and agrees to stand by these kids he never wanted in the first place.


Now, in the first episode of season three, we have Rafael essentially being assaulted by Petra’s twin sister (who he thinks is Petra) after his step-mother (who murdered his father) shoots the mother of his child/love of his life’s husband and runs away with his sister. Also, he’s in imminent danger because now he’s inadvertently pissed off Petra’s evil twin who says she’s going to “fry his onion rings” so, like, in addition to some appreciation from the people in his life HE ALSO NEEDS LEGITIMATE PROTECTING.



Somebody please start paying attention to Rafael’s extensive and horrible suffering because I love him a lot and if he can’t have Jane he AT LEAST deserves a hug. #JusticeforRafael

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