Michael Phelps’s pre-swim playlist is…familiar

Nothing gets you in the right headspace like the perfect pump up jam. In fact, just a few days ago we took great joy in reporting that President Obama listened to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” before his epic speech at the DNC. And it seems he’s not the only one: turns out Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps listens to Eminem before a big race.


This New York Times profile on Phelps recently uncovered the details about his pre-race playlist.

Phelps listens to “a mix of songs from Eminem, Young Jeezy, and a more recent addition, Eric Church.”

And while we don’t get to listen along with Phelps thanks to the magic of high quality headphones, we do get to watch him while he listens, which TBH, is kind of even more entertaining. Could he be listening to the power mantra that is “Lose Yourself” in this very picture?! It really looks like it.

If listening to music like that helps you win like this, we’re all for it.


We unfortunately don’t know the names of any individual songs on the super swimmer’s playlist, but maybe one day he’ll let the world know (“Michael Phelps’s Super Sweet Spotify Playlist,” anyone?). We’re just throwing it out there.

But seriously, Michael, please get on that.

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