Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson had a THIRD wedding on New Year’s Eve and it was fabulous (again)

We love weddings just as much as the next person, but our obsession with all things nuptial clearly doesn’t compare to that of Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson, who had a third wedding ceremony on New Year’s Eve, Cosmo reports. The Olympic swimmer and his bride (again!) are obviously beyond stoked to be married because they can’t stop having weddings. But hey, why wait until the 10-year mark to renew your vows when you can just have three weddings in seven months?

ICYMI, the couple secretly wed in June in Arizona, had a second wedding ceremony in October and eventually showed us a tear-jerker of a wedding video from their ceremony in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico that had us nonstop ugly crying.

So now that you’re all caught up on the official Phelps wedding count, here’s a look at their 1920s-themed NYE ceremony.

Here’s the beautiful couple kicking the New Year off in wedding style.

Because the third wedding is the best wedding (for now, at least).

Love it! It takes some nerves of steel to get through one round of wedding planning let alone three, so our hats are off to these guys for doing it big (again and again) and not losing their minds in the process.

We have a tiny concern, though: How the hell are they gonna top this? Phelps and Johnson’s one-year anniversary is still months away so we’ll be waiting with bated breath to see how they commemorate that special moment. Hopefully they’ve found some downtime between all these weddings to plan for an anniversary celebration that’s just as magical as the rest.

Congrats again, guys! Don’t forget to send us an invite to the next wedding bash.