Michael Phelps just explained the hilarious reason he named his son Boomer

It doesn’t surprise us these days when people name their kids unusual names anymore. But it’s always nice to hear the reasoning behind their atypical choice. And since Michael Phelps has just revealed why he and his fiancée, Nicole Johnson, named their son Boomer, we have to admit it’s pretty hilarious.

On Thursday, Phelps was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and revealed the news:

His reasoning? It was the only thing they came up with.

“We heard the name, and we didn’t want, like, a normal name,” Phelps said.

“Boomer, like boom boom — we didn’t know either,” he said, laughing. “We had no second option — once we picked that, we were like, ‘Yeah.’ I mean, he’s definitely gonna be the cool kid.”

With his super cool parents and his growing Internet fame, how could he not be?!

Of course, you remember Boomer from the Olympics in Rio.


And, ever since, he has hundreds of thousands of fans on Insta (which Phelps himself runs for Boomer).

With that super cute face and calm demeanor, how could we forget him?!

If you want to follow Boomer yourself, click here. Just be warned: You’re in for some seriously adorable posts.