Michael makes several “Friends” references on “The Good Place” and we are HERE FOR IT

Just when you thought The Good Place couldn’t get any better, they have an episode including several hilarious Friends references. Michael (played by Ted Danson) has spent some time studying friendships, by watching all 10 seasons of Friends, in order to figure out the source of all the weird things happening in the neighborhood.

We still have no idea what Michael even is (some type of head angel or something?), because he’s more human than Janet, the neighborhood’s personal assistant/robot, but he’s also not in charge of The Good Place, as he mentions in this episode that he has a boss and may soon be in trouble if he doesn’t solve the issues at hand.

But whether his title is Head Angel, Angelical Director, or even Assistant to the Regional Angel, one thing is certain: he’s relatable AF with his Friends obsession. WE FEEL YOU, MICHAEL.


As Eleanor spends the day as his assistant – encouraging him to relax and have fun despite the mystery of the sinkhole and garbage rain – he goes through emotional ups and downs, relating certain parts of the beloved ’90s series to each one.

Monica’s Expensive Apartment


After analyzing rocks on their level of deviousness, he ponders how Monica and Rachel were able to afford their apartment on the salaries of a chef and a waitress, respectively. As super fans, we’ve got the answer, Michael. Two words: Rent. Control.

The Bond Between Ross and Phoebe


Before vaguely sharing his position in The Good Place and the fact that he is not the highest power, he tells Eleanor that it’s okay for them to share things with each other because their “friends like Ross and Phoebe.” Eleanor points out that it’s a weird combination, but okay.

Ross, Rachel, and Emily


Michael feels guilty about how much chaos has consumed his neighborhood, and as the architect, he made a promise to every resident to keep them safe and happy. He doesn’t want to break that promise, the way Ross broke his promise to Emily when he talked to Rachel.

Friends Season 8


When Michael starts to panic because he can’t figure out the source of the neighborhood’s problems, he throws on a hoodie, curls up in a ball on the floor, and reduces the whole thing to season 8 of Friends. “When they were out of ideas and forced Joey and Rachel together even though it made no sense.” And while loyal Rachel and Joey shippers might not like that reference, you gotta admit – it’s a solid burn.

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