All the times Michael from “Jane the Virgin” was the best romantic partner ever

Jane the Virgin is a ground-breaking, amazing series. We at HelloGiggles have gone on at length before about what a huge impact the show has made, with its strong, complex female characters, sharp writing, and diversity — not to mention introducing us to our queen, Gina Rodriguez.

The show aired its second season finale this past Monday and — spoiler alert! — it was kind of bonkers.

Seriously, though, spoiler alert. Don’t keep reading if you’re not caught up!

Last chance.

Are all of you who are not caught up gone? Okay. Good.

Jane Villanueva and Michael Cordero finally got married, after years of on-again/off-again romance, resulting from an accidental artificial insemination and Jane’s brief romance with her baby-daddy, the gorgeous hotelier, Rafael Solano. Unfortunately, almost immediately after their beautiful wedding reception, Michael was shot point-blank in the chest by the series’ main antagonist, Rose (a.k.a. the crime-lord Sin Rostro), who’d been posing as Michael’s Tuscaloosan partner, Detective Susanna Barnett.

See? Bonkers, right?

While Michael’s ultimate fate remains unknown, we’re holding out hope that he’s alive — mostly because Michael is right up there among the greatest TV boyfriends of all time. It’s not every guy who would be able to get over being dumped for the father of the child his girlfriend was accidentally inseminated with, honestly.

In honor of Michael and Jane’s hopefully-not-dead-yet romance, here are a few of the best Michael moments of the series so far.

Telling Jane that nothing about her is a deal-breaker for him


Michael’s relentless dedication to Jane is well known, something that even the most fervent #TeamRafael viewers have to acknowledge as fact. This idea is articulated perfectly in a flashback sequence to earlier in Michael and Jane’s romance, when Michael wanted to go camping and Jane (who hates camping) went along with it to please him. When Jane finally broke and admitted that she hated camping, Michael laughed off her worry that it was a deal-breaker — because he loves her, and nothing is a deal-breaker for that love. Swoon.

Saving Alba from deportation and making sure no one tells Jane


This is probably Michael’s best and most selfless moment of the entire series. Or, at least, it’s yet to be topped. When Petra’s villainous mother pushed Jane’s beloved abuela down the stairs, the entire Villanueva family was in a panic when Alba’s illegal immigrant status was revealed at the hospital. She was very nearly deported, until Michael swooped in, called in a favor, and saved the day. Even more significant, he made sure Xiomara never told Jane about it, because he didn’t want her to think it was a grand gesture to try to get her back. Excuse me while I go cry for days thinking that this guy might have been shot dead in the finale.

Passing up the opportunity to sabotage Jane and Rafael’s relationship


Michael still loved Jane desperately at this point (and literally never stopped), despite her moving on to a serious relationship with Rafael. When Rafael vented about his frustration in trying to be a part of the Villanueva family, Michael had the chance to give him lousy advice and hopefully push Jane and Rafael further apart. But he didn’t do that. In fact, he gave him great advice and helped Rafael be accepted into the family a bit more. He knew Jane was happy and didn’t want to actively try to torch that. He waited until the Jane/Rafael relationship came to its end, separate from any interference by him, and then made his feelings known to Jane. Talk about classy.

Literally any Michael/Rogelio bromance moments


You can argue #TeamMichael vs. #TeamRafael all day long, but there’s not a viewer out there who will deny that the best relationship on this show is actually Michael/Rogelio. Having a partner who gets along with your parents is by no means essential to a successful relationship, but your husband being your dad’s best bro is a nice bonus.

Every time Michael knew Jane better than anyone


Even when they’re not together, Michael is repeatedly able to read the look on Jane’s face, passing by her in the hotel lobby and realizing that something is wrong. Related to that, he’s more in tune with Jane’s writing career than anyone else, always encouraging her to go for her dreams and to do what she thinks is the best choice for her career.

Best. Kiss. Ever.


That reunion kiss, though… Each of them said it was the best kiss they’d ever had. And Jane has had a lot of super-hot kisses throughout Jane the Virgin. Also, it featured the return of their snow motif, a marker of all of the most important moments in their relationship. It’s also steamier than you might have expected from the otherwise-sweet and gentlemanly Michael, who’s always been held up as the “less hot” half of the love triangle, when compared against Rafael.

Michael reciting his vows in Spanish


Michael’s inability to speak or understand basically any Spanish was always a recurring gag on the show, made extra funny by how often he was excluded from understanding what was going on in Spanish-only conversations amongst the Villanueva women. Knowing how important Jane’s culture and heritage are to her, he recited his wedding vows in Spanish during their wedding ceremony, as a surprise gift to her, making everyone in attendance and everyone watching collectively gasp and thank the lord for the Michael Corderos of the world. And look at his face! He was just so damn happy to be marrying Jane.

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