Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy made “living fan art” for Magneto-Professor X shippers, and yes, that’s a thing

We’re not above fangirling out about basically anything. Rogue One? Dr. Who? The Buffy-verse? Been there, done that. We’ve been to many an AOL chatroom back in the day about our favorite TV shows and movies, and we’ve even dared to read a lot of some fan fiction in our times. Which is why we were totally tickled to find out that Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy made sexy fan art for their most passionate fans.

Specifically, the ones who secretly harbor hope that their X-Men characters, Magneto and Professor X, will some day fall in love. Yes, guys. This is a very real thing, and we’re absolutely in no position to judge (again, see the  AOL chat room phase of our lives).

And when Fassbender and McAvoy appeared on BBC’s The Graham Norton Show this week, he took no time in sharing some of the more…salacious…fan art about the duo with his audience. He then took it a step further and got the pair to pose for a fan-inspired photo that could later be turned into a romantic painting.

Okay, you just gotta see it for yourselves.


Something about the specificity of the fantasy realized in this bicycle photo is making us laugh SO HARD right now. And at the same time, we totally get where the fans are coming from. We could watch these two charming dudes all day in literally any capacity — friends, enemies, lovers — whatever they’ll do, we’ll watch!

Now, please excuse us. Now that we know that there’s an entire body of Fassbender/McAvoy fan art, we’re feeling the need to do a little internet deep dive. You know, for research purposes…BRB!