Michael C. Hall has a new Netflix show, and while he’s not murdering people this time, he *is* doing a British accent

When we last saw Dexter, he had faked his own death and was living a simpler life as a lumberjack…or so we thought. But maybe, just maybe, he actually fled to England, put on a decent British accent, and started a new life as a doctor.

Okay, that might not quite be what the titular character on Dexter is up to, but it’s where we find Michael C. Hall in his new Netflix series. In Safe, Hall plays Tom Delaney, a widower who lives in an affluent gated, “safe” neighborhood with his teenage daughter, Jenny. But when Jenny goes missing after a party and nobody appears to know what might have happened to her, Tom takes matter into his own hands as he tries to find his daughter.

And as the title insinuates, the gated neighborhood may not be quite as safe as it advertises. As if the shadiness surrounding Jenny’s disappearance weren’t mysterious enough, the trailer makes it clear there are a *lot* of secrets waiting to be revealed. Amanda Abbington’s detective ominously says in the trailer, “One thing you learn in my job: No one knows anyone…not really.”

To really drive this point home, the trailer also features this eerie tagline: “The safer the street, the darker the secrets.” 

Exactly how many shady events can you count in the trailer for Safe?


Nothing like a mystery in a “safe” neighborhood to remind us to lock our doors and trust no one! One thing’s for sure, though: It’s definitely the perfect series to fill the void Broadchurch left behind. The eight-episode first season of Safe also stars Hannah Arterton and Marc Warren.

While we saw Hall pop up as John F. Kennedy during season two of The Crown, we’re excited to see him return to television — and with a new accent no less! But man, it seems the Six Feet Under actor just can’t escape grisly shows about death — because, let’s face it, *someone* isn’t going to survive the gated community drama in Safe.

Safe begins streaming on Netflix on May 10th.

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