We’ve got your new favorite holiday duet right here

This week, Michael Buble and Idina Menzel teamed up to cover the holiday classic, “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” You know what that means? We’ve official entered the holiday cover song season.

I promise, this jazzy tune will make you want to lean up against a swanky hotel bar and snap your fingers (preferably while wearing a trilby hat). Not to mention, Bublé’s classic croon pairs beautifully with Menzel’s soaring vocals.

The video’s pretty awesome too. Director, Brett Sullivan, smartly replaced Bublé and Menzel with two really cute children. The video centers on the pair, who go dancing through the rooms of a fancy hotel (which, by the way, is run by other children).

In keeping with the kid-friendly theme, the song’s lyrics have been given a G-rated adjustment. According to Us, “the pair swapped ‘Say what’s in this drink / No cabs to be had out there,’ with ‘Say was that a wink? / No cabs to be had out there,’ and ‘I ought to say no no no sir / Mind if I move in closer,’ for ‘I ought to get home for dinner / Mind if I move in closer.’” Just keeping it clean, folks.

But seriously, this video is about to get you very excited for gift-shopping and freezing cold weather. Weird how holiday songs can do that, right?.

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