Michael B. Jordan loves anime, and he is not at all afraid to nerd out about it

Michael B. Jordan, is a cool six-feet tall, loves anime, and doesn’t have time for your shade.

For the better part of the last decade — but really since his 2002 role on The Wire  Michael B. Jordan has been a busy man, starring in critically acclaimed films like Fruitvale StationCreed, and Black Pantherand appearing in shows like Friday Night Lights and Parenthood. But when not filming a highly anticipated movie or publicly flirting with Lupita Nyong’o, he finds time to clap back at the haters on Twitter.

Over the past few months, Jordan and his Black Panther costars have been traveling all over the world to promote their new Marvel film. Jordan recently appeared on an episode of Hot Ones, where he talked Friday Night Lights, his dedication to cheat days on the set of Creed, and his experience living as Erik Killmonger while shooting Black Panther — all while eating insanely hot wings. And as he’s done throughout the press tour, the actor also referenced his parents, who are currently living with him, and his favorite anime.

But apparently, Jordan living his best life with his parents as roommates and anime on the TV wasn’t enough for one Twitter user, who tried to shade the actor:


The tweet quickly went viral and came to the attention of Adonis Creed himself who was not having any of this nonsense. The doting son — whose parents recently moved in with him after relocating to California from his native New Jersey — and noted lover of anime was quick to shut down the hate, while encouraging the troll to at least get his facts straight.

Jordan has been vocal about his love for anime, and most longtime fans of the actor are aware that his obsession with Japanese animation dates back years.

He recently revealed during Vogue‘s “73 Questions With” series that he’d love to go to Tokyo because he loves anime, calling it “the best” — and anyone doing a deep dive of his Twitter account will see various anime-related tweets going back about as long as he’s been on the social media platform.

The recent professions of love for anime have also prompted fans to unearth a video from the That Awkward Moment press tour with Zac Efron and Miles Teller back in 2014. When Teller and Efron were asked to name Jordan’s guilty pleasure, Jordan wrote “anime” on his card before scribbling it out in favor of the more bro-ish answer of “women.” Check it out around the 1:03 mark.


But when another Twitter user lamented Jordan’s “mainstream” interest in anime, the actor jumped in, revealing that as a man of the people, he decided to recommend a few popular anime series as a “softball for the anime uneducated.”

If we’ve learned anything from Jordan in 2018 thus far, it’s that Black Panther is a must-see film and please don’t come for him about anime, ever, because he will set you straight.

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