Watch Michael B. Jordan *literally* turn up the heat in HBO’s trailer for “Fahrenheit 451”

If anyone can take the heat of literal flames, it’s Michael B. Jordan. The internet’s favorite bae is riding high with his Black Panther fame, and he’s already looking ahead to his next big role in HBO’s Fahrenheit 451. Yes, *that* Fahrenheit 451 that you were forced to read in high school English class. If only we had this movie back then, school would have been so much easier. (And we’d probably have gotten an A+ for our focus on the main character, tbh.)

In the HBO Films adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s classic dystopian novel, the future has redefined what education means by completely outlawing books. Media is an opiate, history is rewritten and “firemen” don’t stop fires, they start them … by burning books. Think back to your first time having to write an essay about Fahrenheit 451, and you’ll remember the title comes from the temperature that pages start to burn. That’s hella *deep* guys.

Jordan stars as Guy Montag, a young fireman who finds himself struggling with his role as law enforcer and in a constant battle with his “mentor” Beatty (Michael Shannon), all in an attempt to regain his humanity. His worldview shifts after meeting his new neighbor Clarisse McClellan (Sofia Boutella), and he realizes the way of thinking imposed onto him by society may not be the right way to live. He starts to open his eyes to his unhappy and unfulfilled life and rebels, ultimately joining a resistance group who work together to memorize classic books in order to keep them alive long past they’ve been burned.

While Fahrenheit 451 has always been regarded as a classic, the themes couldn’t be any more timely right now. The message to keep resisting despite societal pressures definitely strikes a chord, and having Jordan play the hero is an amazing choice. We’re ready to march behind him in the fight for our rights any day, any time, anywhere. We’ll even make the signs (as long as Jordan doesn’t go method and promises not to burn them).

Check out the first trailer for Fahrenheit 451 below and swoon with us as Jordan turns up the heat:

Fahrenheit 451 premieres this spring on HBO.

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