All we know (so far) about M.I.A.’s new video project

M.I.A.’s last album, Matangi, came out in 2013, but she’s ramping up for a totally different kind of release. The activist Desi artist behind hits like “Bad Girls” and “Paper Planes” has been putting out progressive and provocative music for over a decade (her debut album Arular turned 10 in March), but her latest project is a mysterious departure from the globe-spanning, pop boundary-pushing albums of yore: A mixtape and short film project all wrapped up in one.

Over the weekend, the singer released more information about the project, which is probably titled “Matahdatha.” (If anyone knows what that means, let us know.) Firstly, video visuals are an integral feature; secondly, her leaked (and then removed) demo for a song called “Platforms” will probably be in it.

Check out some of the (presumed) album art below, and listen to a snippet of “Platforms.” We can’t wait to hear and see the final product; knowing her, it’ll be bombastic, beautiful, women-oriented, and totally game-changing.

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