Mexican preschoolers sent Enrique Iglesias an adorable thank-you for supporting their art

While many of us may know Enrique Iglesias for his spicy music, there’s more to this musician than meets the eye. Besides getting our hips swaying, Enrique also moonlights as an activist. He’s helped support charities from Habitat for Humanity to the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and since 2015, he’s been raising money for Save the Children’s Healing and Education through the Arts (HEART) program.

On Friday, at his Las Vegas show, Enrique got the ultimate surprise when the preschool he’s helping sent him a video message showing their appreciation and support.

HEART helps children learn how to deal with serious or chronic stress, which can be caused by everything from the death of a family member to a natural disaster.

Enrique has been helping these children find solace through creating art. His latest campaign with the program, called #Hearts4Kids, specifically helps a preschool in Mexico City, which sent Enrique a message of support at his show. The message was personally delivered to Enrique before the show by Sheila Romero, the director of the school. In the video, we see Enrique’s face light up as he hugs Sheila while watching the video.

Even though he may be in a different country, Enrique is still supporting the program by selling merch on tour that supports Save The Children. Backstage, he was signing shirts and hats for those in the HEART program in Mexico City.

HEART is helping thousands of children find comfort through art, with the help of people like Enrique.

We’re thankful Enrique’s using his platform to make a difference, and we can’t wait to see what he does next.