Metric has a new song out, and it’s a gorgeous, lilting ballad

It’s no secret that um, we’re huge fans of the Canadian rock band Metric over here. Personally, the band is responsible for some of the most formative songs of my teen years. And as many bands do, they shape and evolve their sound over consecutive albums. The gritty indie rock of their earlier records is mostly absent from their newer records, which use more on electronica sounds.

But in their new song “Come On, Angel,” Metric makes a return to a sparser, rock-based soundscape.

The band’s last two albums, Pagans in Vegas and Synthetica, both lean heavily on electronic aesthetics. This isn’t to say that there aren’t still rock elements in both, or that the band never mixed genres before. (“Hustle Rose” in particular weaves in synths memorably.) But the last time Metric put together a mostly rock album was 2009, on Fantasies. It’s right on schedule for them to swing back to the other way of their sound pendulum.

“Come On, Angel” dropped as part of an International Women’s Day special on Canadian radio program The Strombo Show. While there’s currently no news as to a new album on the way, I’m crossing my fingers that there’s more Metric to come.