Meteorologist brilliantly shuts down bullies who told her to hide her pregnant belly on TV

When someone announces a pregnancy, a “congratulations!” or a “any plans for the name?” is an OK thing to respond with. What’s not OK? Judging a woman’s maternity wardrobe choice with cruel, mean, bullying comments. That’s exactly what ABC 6 meteorologist Cindy Morgan has endured ever since she announced she was expecting in March. And now, a Facebook post calling out her bullies with a picture of her pregnant belly is going totally viral.

“Since when has body shaming a pregnant woman become the thing to do?” she starts off the post. She then expresses just a few of the mean comments she’s received throughout her pregnancy. “I’ve been told to wear maternity clothes (which I do), I look like I’m about ready to tip over, I show too much of my belly, and my choice in clothes is distasteful and disrespectful,” she wrote. “Those are just a few comments folks have emailed or said to me.”

But the really sad thing is that she’s seen this happen to various female meteorologists when they’re pregnant, she continued. “I understand that some of this is rooted in “old” thinking,” she wrote. “But isn’t that just it? Hiding the bump is outdated thinking. Even worse yet, is that bit-by-bit those comments take away a small piece of my excitement about my little girl’s arrival.”

And then, she proclaimed that she will not hide her pregnancy for anyone, and we stood up and clapped. “I have a public job and there are many things that I choose to do, not do or change because of it,” she wrote. “But to feel that way about my baby is unacceptable. To have these things said is unacceptable. That goes for me, or for any woman.”

Hashtagging her post #embracethebump, she finished with the perfect message for her haters: “So with that, I proudly say I’m not ashamed of my bump. I will embrace my pregnancy and will gladly continue to visually offend those who disagree.”

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