Metallica serenading this grocery store butcher is the pump up that everyone needs

Today in weird things that happen in Hollywood, Metallica went to a grocery store with comedian Billy Eichner and rocked out with customers and employees for an episode of Eichner’s show Billy On The Street. One of those employees was the store’s butcher, who became, er, especially engaged while jamming to “Enter Sandman” with the band, which recently released a new record, “Hardwired … To Self-Destruct.”Lots of air guitar and enthusiastic fist bumping  and pointing was involved, according to the TMZ video. It’s sort of hysterical.

All the commotion reportedly lead to a customer getting the five-finger discount without getting caught…at least, according to this tweet, which could be just a joke.

But the best part of the video is when lead singer James Hetfield yells, “Bon Jovi sucks.” Metallica asserts its dominance once again.