Metal stamping = the most awesome way to personalize your jewelry

Guess what: you can actually stamp metal. Jewelers have known this for years, but I only recently discovered this craft myself. I’m happy to report that it’s very easy, and totally fun (it’s kind of therapeutic to whack away at the metal with a hammer, particularly when it results in something pretty). With some tools and a little arm strength, you can make your very own stamped metal pendant in a snap!

This DIY requires a few more special materials than most, but I think they’re totally worth it. If you become as addicted to metal stamping as I have, you’ll want to invest in a set of stamps, a hammer and a stamping block. Just think of all the trinkets and accessories you can make!


  • Metal stamping hammer
  • Stamping block
  • Small initial metal stamp (mine is a very small 3 mm, but you can find larger sizes if you want a bolder look)
  • 28-inch gold chain
  • 1-inch round copper or gold blank with a hole
  • One 12-mm gold lobster clasp
  • Three 7-mm gold jump rings
  • Small pliers

Craft away:

  • Place the blank onto the stamping block, right side up. Position the initial stamp over the center of the blank. Using the flat side of the hammer, firmly hammer the stamp into the blank. You’ll need to hit with the hammer several times to make a good stamp.
  • Use the pliers to untwist one of the jump rings. Slide the open ring through the hole in the blank. Find the center of the chain, and slip the jump ring through a link. Twist the jump ring closed with the pliers.
  • Twist open the second jump ring, and slide it through a link at the end of the chain. Place the lobster clasp on the ring, and twist it closed.
  • Twist open the third jump ring, and slide it through a link at the other end of the chain. Twist it closed.
  • Clasp the necklace around your neck, and show off your handmade accessory!
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