Twitter users just admitted how messy their makeup tables (and bags) are and we feel so much better now

Think your makeup table and/or bag is the only one that’s messy?

Sure, you know where your fave lip balm is, but if your friend had to dig it out for you, she’d probably have to go through several layers of half-open eyeshadow, a few tubes of mascara (why do you have several tubes of the same kind, you may wonder), and many shades of foundation, right?!

Plus, all the makeup brushes in all shapes and sizes! Not to mention, her hand could get sticky from the adhesive you left open when you were putting on fake eyelashes earlier. Or full of powder from that half-open eyeshadow. Oops.


Thankfully, we’re not the only ones with messy makeup tables and messy makeup bags — it turns out that some Twitter users can relate.

Yep, we can def relate. false

And why are we surprised when we can’t find a certain something?!


And, at closer look, we realize we have way too many of the same thing(s). Don’t these brushes all look the same?!

Of course, we feel better knowing we’re not alone.

And we can always just skip the problem altogether by not wearing any makeup.

Or by actually ~organizing~ our makeup bags and vanity tables, like this Twitter user plans on doing.


Maybe the key is just finding the right makeup bag to keep everything in its place.

Want something smaller?

Maybe a see-thru one is key.

Or just carrying around what we absolutely need that day or night.

In any case, this is inspiring us to clean our our makeup bags, STAT.

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