I messaged dudes on Tinder using only Lorelai Gilmore quotes, and it was weird

Lorelai Gilmore is goddamn delightful. You know this, because you watched all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls. So it makes perfect sense that when I started messaging guys on Tinder using only Lorelai quotes (HEY, WHY NOT?), they were all completely charmed and thought this was like, a normal state of being for me, and I wasn’t simply just texting the beautiful and quickly spoken words of Lorelai. I also channelled Lorlelai’s fierceness and her penchant for sarcasm. But most of the guys who were messaging with me were totally into it.

Gosh, don’t tell Luke about this.

My rules for this Tinder experiment were simple.

1. I could ONLY talk in Lorelai quotes, and I needed to try as hard as I could to keep the conversation moving and flowing in an organic-ish way.

2.If someone figured it out, I’d tell them they had been #Gilmored. Spoiler alert: only one dude figured it out. I find that odd. I have a lot of guy friends who have watched every episode of Gilmore Girls, so for only one dude, out of the slew of dudes I messaged to call me out on it? Weird.

So, many of the guys went along with this. But then, of course they went along with this, nothing here is like RED FLAG RED FLAG ABORT ABORT.

This dude even wants to take me out on a pudding date! Not an euphemism!


Lots of the dudes were like, “oh man she’s cool and quirky.” The end dude actually gets ten points for the nice use of a Mel Brooks gif.


Honestly, some were in fact confused, but not so confused to be like WHOA SHUT THIS DOWN. (The dude on the end here actually loses 500 points, because the “name in ur profile” is PAUL RUDD, COME ON)


This one dude wins for being the creepiest, because I probably could have quoted lines from American Psycho to him, and he still would have been like, “Drinks?”


And here’s the one lone fellow who figured out he was being Gilmored. Let’s give him 15 points because he figured it via Lauren Graham’s real life novel.


So what did I learn?

Lorelai has some great lines to use with online dudes, I guess. And they’ll never know the difference. No, but really, I was surprised how many dudes just went with it and kept the conversation going even though sometimes our ~chat~ went in strange directions. All in the name of love and Tinder, right?

BUT BOTTOM LINE, ONLINE DATING IS A SCARY FRONTIER, but at least Lorelai’s got enough charm to make it not ~so~ scary. Now BRB, I have to go delete Tinder off my phone.

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