These are the most mesmerizing makeup brushes, proving this mermaid trend is here to stay

Proving that the mermaid trend is only getting hotter (and not just under the water), MODA has released a set of gorgeous Prismatic rainbow makeup brushes that you will definitely want to make a part of your world! The face brushes feature a stunning metallic ombré of fuchsia, violet, and green handles with teal and purple bristles.

As soon as you see the luxe oval brush heads, you may fear for your bank account! They instantly remind us of high-end brush brands such as Artis Elite, which can run up to around $62 a brush. Fear not, the MODA Prismatic Face Perfecting kit is only $24.99 online and $16.99 if you can find them in select Walmart stores. Either way, that is under five dollars for each brush in the four-piece set!


We are so ready for perfect mermaid faces! They are called the “face perfecting” set because the ultra-soft brushes apply and blend cream and liquid makeup with minimal absorption, leaving more makeup for application. The rounded bristles fit the contours of your face, which gives your beauty blenders a chance for a break!

We can’t believe the price point on these mesmerizing mermaid brushes!

The MODA Prismatic brushes are also 100% vegan, making this affordable and gorgeous set even more of a must-have addition to your mermaid collection.

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