We’re mesmerized by these gorgeous wooden bags

One of my favorite aspects of street style is bags — especially as New York Fashion Week took over my social network feeds, I’ve been overwhelmed by how many dope bags simply exist in the world. (Never mind that I almost never use purses.) But most of these bags are made out of fabric or leather or suede — would you ever use a wooden bag? Hold that thought, because the wooden bags of Grav Grav are going to blow your mind.

Grav Grav mixes embellishment mediums like cross-stitching and leather work with wooden bag bodies. When combined, the effect is jaw droppingly beautiful and unique in a way that doesn’t seem contrived. We’re really into the use of natural motifs and mild but rich colors, which set off and complement the wood of the bag bodies:

Of course, wooden bags probably aren’t for everyone — the appeal of softer and more malleable materials like cotton and leather is that they’re easier and lighter to cart around. But Grav Grav’s bags toe the line between function and art: These aren’t bags that you use for schlepping your stuff around on the regular, but they also seem like they can take a lot of wear. (After all, anyone who’s owned and used wood objects knows that they age beautifully.)

You might think that just because these bags are made of wood that they might be hyper expensive, but the non-cross-stitch backpacks run under $200, which is on the lower end of most designer statement bags. However, those cross stitch beauties cost a mint, which does make sense, as who among us could apply cross-stitching to wood without special training and maybe some patented secrets?

Anyway, we’ll be putting Grav Grav bags on our holiday wishlists. And if nothing else, we’ll always have their Instagram to swoon over.