30-year-old Meryl Streep winning her first ever Oscar in 1980 is something you need to see right now

“You make me proud to be an artist,” Viola Davis said of Meryl Streep at this year’s Golden Globes. She is the Dame of Hollywood, a master of her craft — which is why these photos of 30-year-old Meryl Streep winning her first ever Oscar in 1980 are so darn precious! Meryl’s name alone has become synonymous with success; in fact, being called “the Meryl Streep of ___” has become a popular and totally welcome way of celebrating anyone for performing anything well. While many of us have been born during the extent of Ms. Streep’s long and impressive acting career, it’s so refreshing to see a young, newcomer Meryl standing nervously on the red carpet at the beginning of it all. It reminds us all that we’ve gotta start somewhere, and sometimes our ’30s are when those first important baby steps take place.

Check out baby Meryl beaming in an ivory gown (and jacket!) on the red carpet after her first big win in 1980.


Her nominations begin even earlier; in 1979 she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for The Deer Hunter but lost to (another goddess) Maggie Smith. Meryl did not have to wait long to take home the statue though, as she won her first ever Oscar in 1980 for her work in Kramer vs. Kramer and then another just three years later for Sophie’s Choice. From there, 15 other nominations and another win have come her way, not the mention six Golden Globe awards.


She’s the queen for a reason.


Mamie Gummar, is that you?


Does it ever get old, do you think? She’s had to be fitted for probably so many award show gowns by now.


You guys, this is Dustin Hoffman dabbing away Meryl’s beautiful mascara tears. This exists.


Keep in mind, this is the lady that, allegedly, just this morning, sent this .gif as her statement after receiving yet another Oscar nom at this year’s February ceremony:

Godspeed Meryl! Breaking your own record for Oscar noms must feel pretty good! Remember: your greatest competition is always yourself.

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