These Hiking Boots Are So Comfortable They Feel Like Sneakers

They're durable, waterproof, and don't even need to be broken in.

Like many people, I’ve spent a good portion of this past year trying to find ways to get exercise and vitamin C that don’t involve a) being in close contact with other humans or b) effort so strenuous that my mask will get sweaty and gross. So, whenever the weather’s nice enough, my fiancé and I embark on a casual hike, spending a few hours alongside our dog exploring the national park and woods near our home. And while none of our excursions have been too challenging, it’s helped to have the right gear—including my Zion Mid Waterproof Boots from Merrell, which have kept my feet dry and comfortable on every hike.

Despite going on plenty of both low-key and more moderate hikes since entering adulthood, I’d never actually invested in a pair of hiking boots; instead, I’d wear sneakers or, in the winter, snow boots. My very dumb reasoning was that I didn’t hike often enough to warrant buying a pair of shoes just for that purpose, despite the fact that I’d find my toes squished and ankles sore after each improperly-shod adventure.

A few months ago, Merrell was kind enough to send me a pair of its Women’s Zion Mid Waterproof hiking boots, and I wasted no time testing them out. The company promised that the shoes had a supportive and snug “sneaker fit,” were totally waterproof, and would work well for any terrain. Immediately, I was amazed by how comfortable they felt; they didn’t require any breaking in, leaving my feet feeling cozy and cushioned even after several hours of use. The shoes lived up to their promise of keeping out any water and debris, too, even when I wore them on subsequent hikes in muddy, post-rain woods.


Women's Zion Mid Waterproof

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If you’re interested in buying a pair, they retail for $150 on Merrell and come in two colors: cloudy (a brown/gray mix) and navy. All in all, I’m super impressed by these boots, and I’d 100% recommend them to anyone looking for a supportive shoe to carry them through their outdoor adventures.

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