#Merman hair is taking over Instagram, and it’s amazing

Mythical aquamarine creatures with flowing blue tresses — who doesn’t love mermaids? Yeah, yeah, maybe they’re not real, but that hasn’t stopped the mermaid hair trend from being a real (and AWESOME) thing. We’re talking blue, purple, and green hair that is 100% captivating and perfect.

The other thing we’re loving about this mermaid hair? It’s not just for mermaids, there seem to be a lot of mermen getting involved too. As our friends at Nylon point out, men are rockin’ the merman hair trend, which is quite evident if you take a gander at Instagram. Dudes have been taking pictures of their colorful locks and posting them with the #Merman hashtag, and we’re super into it. Nylon predicts that we’ll be seeing more and more of the trend on Instagram throughout the summer. Consider the man-bun officially challenged.

These marine shades are honestly just right for summer, and there’s something about the underwater tones that are super gorg. This is a trend we are officially on board with. Let’s check out a few excellent iterations of the style.

How about this neon merman, in all his glory?

Or this man who SERIOUSLY makes us feel like we’re exploring the coral reef.

And we heart this careful swoop that makes his hair look like a big ol’ ocean wave:

The merman trend doesn’t just involve that lovely turquoise, but gorgeous hues of the ocean’s deep blue as well. UNFFF.

YAAAAS PERFECTION. We heart this trend so much. Who says merpeople aren’t real, again? Because after seeing this, we’re pretty darn sure they are. Mermen, unite!

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