Life dream status: these tights will make you look like a real, live mermaid

If you were anything like us, your childhood probably consisted of a series of desperate measures and dramatic attempts to convince yourself that you were actually a mermaid, such as:

-Brushing your hair with a fork.

-Trying to hold your breath under water until you passed out.

-Befriending crabs and getting annoyed when they tried to control your life.

-Singing wistful songs about how much your dad doesn’t understand you and your deep desires to have feet.

Luckily, it’s 2016 and there are now much easier ways to channel your inner mermaid. Like these amazing tights that make it look like your legs are transforming into A REAL MERMAID TAIL.

The made-to-order tights have a natural-looking smattering of handmade silicon scales on the thighs, giving off the effect that you are in the process of turning into a magical sea creature. You can choose any color you’d like and opt for glitter or no glitter — although we have no idea why anyone would say no to the glitter. Being a mermaid is a great, but being a glittery mermaid is even better.

The moral of this story? Skip the shady deals with Ursula and hit up Etsy instead. See you on the beach, sea babes.

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