‘Mermaid thighs’ are the body-positive answer to the ‘thigh gap’

No matter where we look, whether it’s online, in print, or on television, women are faced with unrealistic expectations of beauty. Nearly unattainable trends (unless you’ve got specific genes), such as “thigh gaps” and the “ab crack,” lead women to shaming themselves and developing an unhealthy obsession with their bodies.

However, even trends come to a close and a new one steps in to take its place. In this case, the thigh gap is being replaced by…

mermaid thighs!

Let’s be real here. Given the chance, most of us would give up our land-bearing legs to spend some time “under the sea.”


Women are now embracing thighs that touch! Of course, there’s nothing wrong if you happen to have a thigh gap naturally or through exercise, but it’s not the only way to be beautiful OR healthy. Plus, who doesn’t love comparing themselves to a mythical being?


Instead of shying away from the camera and being self conscious, women are posting their gorgeous mermaid thighs on social media.

Whether you’re lounging at the beach or at home, give those mermaid thighs some love!

What’s more important is women are getting their daughters involved! Way to go, guys!

Hopefully this is a trend that continues to make waves and influence how women feel about their bodies! Just keep swimming, ladies!