Mermaid tail blankets have just moved to the top of our wish list

Our mermaid dreams have just come true, and in the warmest way. Crocheting master artist Melanie Campbell of CassJamesDesigns created mermaid tail blankets, because she obviously wants humans to live up to their fullest mermaid potential, and be cozy and warm at the same time.

Mermaid tails have been a huge hit over the last few summers, but those are the ones for playtime in a swimming pool. Kids and adults swim in the water, flapping their tails, pretending to be mermaids — and it’s really adorable (yes, even the adults are adorable). But those tails aren’t crocheted (duh).

Well thanks to Campbell, mermaid tails aren’t just for water playtime in the warm summer months, they’re also for cozying up on the couch in colder weather months. Yay for us!

The blanket tails are available for purchase in the CassJamesDesigns Etsy shop and range from $30 to $130, although due to their popularity, it looks like stock my be running low. The blankets come in adult, kid, and toddler sizes. The smaller sizes are on the cheaper side, but the adult size allows for plenty of room for an adult or a kid to cozy up in. And that idea is melting our hearts right now.  

And hey, they’ve arrived just in time for Hanukkah/Christmas!

(Images via Twitter)